Monday, January 14, 2008


noun. A freak with fame.

Related terms: celebubot, celebucaust, celebudrunk, celebudude, celebu-shambles, celebuwhatever, golden celebutwit triumvirate.

Real citation: “Now today she's all over L.A. Fashion Week sashaying her moneymaker down the runway. The celebufreak has even been seen with New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush. Back away from the skank slowly, Reggie, and no one will get hurt.”
(March 22, 2007, Vibe Blogs,

Made-up citation: "Dude, you're a rancid freak. That's just who you are. But with the right work ethic, a little sexual barter, and some surgical intervention, you could grow up to be the nastiest celebufreak of them all--if you believe in yourself like I believe in you. Now make your gran-gran proud."

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