Tuesday, January 22, 2008


adj. This word can only be defined by a Subaru crashing into a Starbucks in a Walmart! I shoulda had a V-8!

Real citation: “4pm - Oprah's got Jon Stewart. I can't remember the last time a promo for any show, let alone Oprah, pulled me in with promos. Yet, it's happened two days in a row. Jon Stewart makes me laugh so hard, I'm nearly in tears and the bit with Amy Sedaris as the Starbucks waitress is precious. Product-placement-y but precious.”
(June 27, 2005, http://www.mediavillage.com/jmentr/2005/06/27/jmer-06-27-05/index_print.html)

Made-up citation: “The product-placement-y use of Dunkin’ Donuts on The Wire doesn’t bug me too much, since DD’s coffee is my preferred form of crack. Speaking of coffee and The Wire, I swear I just saw Dominic West in a Chicago Caribou Coffee…maybe I should lay off the chai methuccinos.”

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