Wednesday, September 05, 2007


adj. Because at just two syllables, "poopy" doesn't quite fill the toilet bowl. Or mouth. Ew.

Real citation: “When you suspect all your toadies are in place and all your schemes are ready to be put in to action, then and mostly then is it time to wet your short pants in terror as I drop from the heavens like God's righteous stool to vanquish each and every one of you -- except of course for Jen, who sought lo but to talk sense into those who would not know of sense were they to take sense into components and reassemble sense so as to know of every interaction of the organs of sense and STILL they would not know of sense, and so while logic and proportion may to them fall softly dead I appreciate the efforts and spare any of the aforeandstillandforawhiletobementioned doomery and agoniziation from besmirching her -- but the rest of you nematodes better learn to breathe the black breath of blood as there is nothing left for your or your daemonic cult but the most poopitudinous of poopery! Writhe in the diaper pail of your shame!”
(Darren, Feb. 11, 2007,

Made-up citation: "At 4-6 dumps a day, my dog is poopitudinous indeed. However, in a pooping competition, his tiny, ladylike poops would be dwarfed by the mega-asteroids launched into space by larger canines."

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