Thursday, September 06, 2007


noun. Not sure what this means, but you should wash your hands afterwards, just to be safe.

Real citation: “Not to mention the possible situations: public wanking! Shower wanking! Prefect's bathroom wanking! Dormitory wank! Wankcest! Lessons in wankology! Broomstick wankage. Wandwank. Pre-Quidditch jitterwank. Detention wank.”
(“The Harry Potter Wankathon,”

Made-up citation: "You children should never take candy from strangers or respond to online ads for jitterwankers. They also should avoid licking nuclear weapons without parental supervision."

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Anonymous said...

There's a missing hyphen, that's why you are having trouble parsing the meaning of "jitterwank." It should read "pre-Quidditch-jitterwank." Just substitute a non-fictional sport for Quidditch, et voila, a session of masturbating to take the edge off before an exciting day playing sports.