Thursday, September 06, 2007


noun. The removal--by surgery or shooing--of an individual with douchebaggy tendencies.

Real citation: “Absolutely. I'd be surprised if all the members were in on this caper. Their website shows 9 members, so that would be a haul of $1.66 or so per member, if they were all aware. I haven't kept track of the membership in Midnight Traffic, but it seems they've had a douche in their midst since pretty much the beginning. From weird sour grapes crap and shitty comments on here about other bands, to this mess... I think the members of Midnight Traffic need to get together and clean house. They need to perform a douchebagectomy and toss the member or members that put them in this drama all the time."
(Sept. 18, 2006,!&page=forum)

Made-up citation: "Whether you call it an impeachment hearing, a douchebagectomy, or a national colon-cleanse, it's time to do something about Captain Kangaroo--er, make that Commander Cuckoo-Bananas."

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