Wednesday, September 12, 2007


adj. Evil government robo-monkeys weren't always so evil, governmental, robotic, and simian. As they slowly slipped on the abyss' banana peels of doom, this adjective may have been used to trace their terrifying descent.

Real citation: “Even if you love All Things Potter, it's hard not to be tired of Harry Hype. Obviously, it's not Harry Potter's fault that his bespectacled face is everywhere you turn, on every tv screen, book- and toy-store window. He's only 11. And fictional. And, sadly, so's the Evil One Who Shall Not Be Named And Who Gave Harry the Lightning Bolt Scar And Killed His Parents, that gone-to-the-darksidey wizard named Voldemort.”
(Cynthia Fuchs, PopPolitics,

Made-up citation: "Ignore my black clothing and new, gone-to-the-darksidey, British accent. That's not blood on my hands; it's boogers on your brain!"

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Jen Bartman said...

I believe it would be "bogies on your brain."