Friday, September 28, 2007


noun. It's like fish. Sorta fishish. Maybe even fishy. But is it fish? This is a paradox worthy of a Zen master or deranged fishmonger.

Real citation: “Bigfoot could be an ancestral whale. I mean, how much evidence do we have, you know? Lots, yes, but enough to classify the thing(s) already? Bats look kinda birdish-y, but they AIN’T BIRDS. Whales (speaking of Bigfoot;-) ) look kinda fish-ish-y. BUT THEY AIN’T FISH.”
(May 19, 2006, Cryptomundo,

Made-up citation: "Thankfully, the salmon in this morning's bagel and lox could not be described as fish-ish-y or lame. It moved me, and I don't just mean my bowels. Thank you, Odin, for my succulent salmon, this sweet merciful fish, who must have swam downstream from heaven. Or Valhalla, whatever."

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