Tuesday, November 15, 2005


noun. A Martian motherfucker with an analicious foreign policy.

Real citation: "First of all motherfucker you will not call me names...Shitstain, backwash, cunthair, felchblossom, fucktard, assbandit, dicklicker, ballhog, child rapist, fuckstain, craproll, moron, retard, mongoloid, cripple, palsypussy, splitcock, scatwipe, anal vapor, motherprober, rectal spelunker, dicknipple, pedophile, uphill gardener, leakycolon, incontinence diaper, tamponmouth, Cowper's mower, anusflosser, lactoid, cunt, dumbfuck, idiot, lardo, four-eyes, creepy, stupid dummy dumb pants, ass-sauce."
(K. Thor Jensen, Portal of Evil, http://friends.portalofevil.com/sp.php?si=3&fi=000007814&ti=1000125070&pi=1000125285)

Made-up citation: "'Better a motherprober than a ratprober,' as Mom used to say."

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