Tuesday, November 08, 2005


adj. This word aptly describes conduct unbecoming a decent, upstanding, non-douchebaggy person.

Real citation: "Hahah, that's actually pretty funny and shows pretty well that we're all overreacting about this. Lizard is being his usual douchebagtastic self, so it shouldn't be surprising that plagiarism is another offence added to his reportoire. Oh well, nobody will care about Warcraft3Forums.com in a week anyway."
(MrNoogies, Nov. 12, 2004, http://www.warcraft3.com/idealbb/view.asp?pageNo=21&topicID=36449&num=20)

Made-up citation: "'Douchebagtastic Duck' would not be a popular ice cream flavor or Chinese entree, though it would be a fine handle for a villainous person of poultry."

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