Monday, November 07, 2005

brown one's Cheese Doodles

idiom. Annoyance has arrived. In my brain. WHICH I'M ABOUT TO CHEW OFF.

Related terms: grate one's cheese, burn one's toast, burn one's waffles.

Real citation: "Yes, we armchair critics resent being impugned, it browns our Cheese Doodles getting backhanded like that--especially by the editorial el supremo who allows one of his reporters to kinda sorta "drift" back on her own into the national security realm and, by not reining in that drift, forces the New York Times to defend her indefensible behavior and suffer millions of dollars in legal fees compounded by an incalculable loss of trust."
(James Wolcott, Oct. 16, 2005, "Flame On, Flame Off, "

Made-up citation: "Things that brown my Cheese Doodles something fierce: organized religion, free-form religion, exploding toilets."

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