Sunday, June 29, 2008


adj. Go ahead. Go apeshit. Go monkey balls nuts. What do I care?

Real citation: "Did Congress step in because of an absence of pre-existing monkey regulations? No. The monkey industry does not operate in a vacuum; states have various restrictions on primate ownership, varying from licensing to breeding restrictions to total bans. If monkey-owning is your hot-button issue, as opposed to, say, taxes or abortion, you are free to move to a more monkey-permissive, or anti-monkey, state."
(Nicole Kurokawa, June 25, 2008, Chicago Tribune,,0,902693.story)

Made-up citation: "I have great respect for my opponent. Of all the bong-owning, America-hating, God-mocking, Pope-soiling, monkey-permissive, terrorist-affiliated degenerates I have known, he is the finest."

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