Sunday, June 01, 2008


adj. Beblessedly beboobed.

Real citation: “Recently I have hired my own painter and she is working as a painter of my aristocratic court. Yes, Esq. Anshin is a noble behootered vampire babe, not just anyone!"
(July 31, 2007, deviantART,

Made-up citation: “Here’s an insight into the male condition: About a year ago, I had to flee the park mid-tornado, as the rain pounded and the wind howled, with my 12-pound dog and a woman and her pooch. My little dog could have been killed, and we all could have been hurt. This was truly scary stuff. And yet, I still found time to peripherally gawk at my behootered fellow dog person, in her non-bra-ed, storm-soaked, wet-t-shirt glory. Dudedom was mine... Ooh-la-sigh.“

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