Tuesday, June 03, 2008


adj. Oh, the humanity! Or whatever that is.

Real citation: “Corin Redgrave started the evening by sending his and our love to the people in Iraq and introduced a great artist of Palestinian descent and born in Manchester, who describes her nationality as humanity-ish-ian and whose name I won't even ridicule myself trying to spell correctly. She sang us a (Lebanese?) lament. The lament was that of a woman in a cemetery visiting the grave of her loved ones. In it she saw not death and grieving but... spring and hope. Amazing voice, the sort you don't want to stop, ever. “
(March 22, 2003, http://home.freeuk.net/arkkive/ts230303.htm)

Made-up citation: “When I hear the laughter of children or smell the begonias, I almost feel humanity-ish-ian. The rest of the time I feel like a baked potato.”

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