Monday, June 02, 2008


noun. Satanitude. Eviltude. I-had-Korean-burritos-with-your-mom-itude.

Real citation: “Anyhow, a week or so later, S began to foil my carefully masking-taped diabolical master plan. Step 0 of said master plan, a blue Post-It taped in first in the chronology, was to enjoy together the Bright Eyes concert in Berkeley, day after Valentine's. This was to take place immediately before yellow Post-Its 1 through 5. And only in that order. Blue 0. Yellow 1 through 5. But S, undoubtedly equal in diabolicalitude, inserted mini fuschia Post-It rectangle 1 directly on top of Blue 0. It read: re-scheduled.)"

Made-up citation: “Besides my panache and diabolicalitude, I’m kind of kinky. I have this weird fetish that I hesitate to announce on the Internet, but I cannot lie: I kinda sorta get turned on by sex. I find it very sexual.”

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