Tuesday, June 24, 2008


noun. Welcome to the pudding club. We thank you for your commitment to the future of the species.

Real citation: “Now then Sister Granmumtrevina.. There is a small matter I need to bring to your attention regarding the quality of the laundry and what was found on inspection of your cell earlier...suspicious gunk...Sister... I understand your recent impregnitude but certain gunks that have been identified by the suspicious gunk squad can only be put down to species on this ere planet....”
(Nov. 16, 2007, UK Hippy, http://www.ukhippy.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20124&page=3)

Made-up citation: “Impregnitude is crude and falling out of fashion. By 2031, 67% of all births will occur in the warm womb of the coffee maker, where every drip is precious.”

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Anonymous said...

Oh, now that's a little counter-intuitive for me - wouldn't impregnitude be the opposite of pregnant? cf impregnable? I know, the citation is king and all, but I felt compelled to speak.

Love your blog, btw. Guaranteed smilitude.