Tuesday, January 31, 2006

man region

noun. El crotcho masculino.

Related terms: woman region, buttockal region, nether regions.

Real citation: "WOW- loveland is one nasty team. it seamed as if they didnt care if they got kicked out of the game because it was their last one. i have never seen a nastier team play. i no 1 maybe 2 players got kicked out. they bit fingers, kicked in the man region, twisted ankles.... just about everything you can think of. i do respect them for coming out strong knowing they have nothing to play for tho.... all in all a great game."
(kmkdude, Oct, 31, 2004,

Made-up citation: "According to the Bible, you people should gird thy loins, which may or may not require a girdle but certainly involves the man region. So get girding!"

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