Tuesday, January 17, 2006


noun. Look deep into the soul-hole of a dillhole, and this ye shall find.

Real citation: "What did I miss? Well, I missed an entire lecture. I also missed, more importantly, a lab assignment. I CAN'T MAKE UP LAB ASSIGNMENTS. I might have also missed a quiz. I don't know. I was too pissed to ask S. So, thanks to the dillholery of B and T, I got fucked over. S is the only one with a valid reason. He was merely doing his job at that damn school. It wasn't his fault."
(Chuplayer, "So, showing up to class on time is bad, eh?," Dec. 9, 2005, http://www.outpostnine.com/forum/showthread.php?s=9d76506e886bb0aace378ea7796b2233&p=98627#post98627)

Made-up citation: "Mom always said, 'Dillholery is forgivable; douchebaggery is not.'"

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