Monday, January 09, 2006


verb. To undergo the least romantic procedure imaginable: a liposchmoopification.

Real citation: "Definitely. I'll say straight out that I can't *wait* for the love triangle. I've never gotten why they get such a bad rap. What else can get the viewer more completely engrossed. And the fact that the idea of V/D/L is what has me most looking forward to S2 is proof of what a solid storyline choice I think it actually would be. Of course, in order for it to work, I'd like the V/L to de-schmoopify. Whoever would've thought that Veronica and Duncan would have more potential for the fucked-up and darkly twisted romance?"
(swsa, "Duncan Kane: Transformer," May 4, 2005, Television Without Pity,

Made-up citation: "It's a sad thing when two consenting, adorable adults de-schmoopify. When a consenting adult and an adorable squirrel lose their schmoop, that's less tragic."

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