Friday, October 21, 2005


adj. Kinda small.

Related terms: uber-gigantamundo, gigantamondo, gigantanormous.

Real citation: "However, the money lost from that terrible project would've effected the studio's other projects. While previewing would help wipe out the lower-echelons of movie crapitude, it would also likely wipe out or provide a near-fatal blow to the merely mediocre flicks, while only the big greats would be the only ones to continue raking in large amounts at the box-office. I think this would pretty much kill major cineplexes, meaning to see non-gigantamundo blockbusters, you'd have to travel 100 miles to the nearby small town with the crazy eccentric who keeps an old independent film house afloat."
(Elured, June 10, 2003,

Made-up citation: "The President's I.Q. is squarely in the non-gigantamundo range, though sources say he is hung like a rabid polar bear."

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