Friday, October 21, 2005


noun. A keen, canine-detecting sense.

Related terms: gaydar, straightdar, bi-dar, hickdar, loserdar, boob-dar, penis-dar, big dick-dar, hair-dar, porn-dar, sex-dar, food-dar, sleep-dar, money-dar, ho-dar, slut-dar, babe-dar, virgin-dar, hottie-dar, weirdo-dar, jerk-dar, moron-dar, dorkdar, skankdar, freak-dar, ass-dar, zombie-dar, Pretentious Club-going New York Assholedar, "someone is staring at my ass"-dar, “Jesus Freak” dar, jailbait-dar, fake-boob-dar, catdar, ratdar.

Real citation: "Last night, while walking through the historic district, I saw a man exit a building with two enormous Great Danes on leashes. They were a soft charcoal color and one was relatively tall and thick, while the other was smaller and thinner. My dogdar went off and I immediately picked up my pace in order to catch up with them because if there's one thing I love to do while walking, it's stopping to roll around with any given canine; the droolier the better."
(Erin Dailey, "They're DOGS, not BEEMERS," Oct. 20, 2005, The Redhead Papers,

Made-up citation: "I hope my dogdar is solid and true, because my biological clock is ticking like a movie bomb clock for a dog."

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