Thursday, October 06, 2005


noun. Mathematically speaking, a frigging lot, dude.

Related terms: bazillion, gazillion, flazillion, quatrillion, katrillion, bagillion, bajillion, kajillion, mazillion, zazillion, fafillion, kazillion, fuckillion.

Real citation: "In our jolly little courtyard I tried to go all Martha and ended up pulling a Tarzan. I've got a Key Lime tree, two jasmine, one buganvilia, a MacArthur Palm, a frigillion rapidly spreading ferns and a host of random, yet persistent, weeds."
(dillygirl, "Community, In The Worst Way," Sept. 26, 2005, The Dilly Diaries,

Made-up citation: "I can think of a frigillion more plausible notions than Intelligent Design: how about Batshit Design, Retarded Design, Despicable Design, Totally Wasted Design..."

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