Wednesday, April 06, 2005


adj. Just a little like the Dark Lord and Master of us all. Mmm...Dark Lord.

Real citation: "So, blah blah blah, yeah. I got to thoroughly freak out my mother by watching 2 satanic-ish (both movies dealing with the devil) movies right before Christmas, always a plus! So, erm, yeah. I have flooded my grandpa's computer with music downloads, and I'm afraid I even loaded the GIMP onto it, but I don't think I can use it because this computer is too painfully slow to do anything substantial with."
(Lalala, Dec. 26, 2003,

Made-up citation: "When I can't get Dunkin' Donuts coffee, I get cranky, and then I go postal, and sometimes I get satanic-ish, what with the evisceration and all."

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