Thursday, April 28, 2005


adj. Superbly knocked-up.

Real citation: "Pregnancy should have its own vocabulary beyond "lanugo," "mucous plug," and other pleasant pregnancy- and birth-related words. You know, like pregnorance to denote the weird absentmindedness of pregnant women, commonly known as "prego brain." Or stumbling into someone because your center of gravity is off due to The Belly: a pregccident. The fact that people seem more drawn to you when you're pregnant than when you're not: you're pregnetic. What I'm asking for with regard to the ability of a woman to bare her chest to feed her child if she so desires: pregalitarian societal attitudes. What I'll be on April 11: an Easter Preg. The way you feel when you're having a good day: pregnificent. Pregtastic. Pregcellent."
(Pamela, March 25, 2004,

Made-up citation: "In our high school, guidance counselors are encouraged to use terms such as 'miracle of life,' 'pregcellent,' and 'glow,' while avoiding hurtful language like 'are you on crack?'"

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Patrick said...

Pregnancy has such wonderful and sensitive terms such as "incompetent cervix" (opening of the cervix in the absence of labor or contractions) and "geriatric pregnancy" (over 35 and pregnant). Some obstetricians are quite obviously hamhocked fucknutters.