Monday, April 25, 2005


noun. A garbled, burbling, baffling neurological event--not unlike an epiphany or stroke.

Real citation: "And with the same easy spirit in which he pillages other authors' techniques, stripping them of their context and using them merely for show, he snatches 9/11 to invest his conceit with gravitas, thus crossing the line that separates the risible from the villainous. The book's themes—the sense of connection we all feel when the coffee or acid hits and everything is illuminated, the brain-gurble and twitch and self-pity we all know better than to write about—have nothing to do with the attack on the towers, or with Dresden or Hiroshima, which Foer tosses in just to make sure we understand what a big and important book we're dealing with."
(Harry Siegel, New York Press,

Made-up citation: "I love the smell of my own brain-gurbles in the morning. Or maybe that's just the crack."

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