Monday, March 29, 2010


noun. A body type characterized by rigidity and awesomeness and hardly any mashed potato-like consistency.

Real citation: "'Dancers have different body types from footballers,' says Nicki de Leon, consultant physiotherapist with the British company Random Dance, who also treats pro footballers. 'They are usually ectomorphs — tall, willowy, thin. They don’t increase muscle bulk easily, but tend to be hypermobile, with too much movement at each joint. Whether hypermobile people are good dancers, or dancing makes them hypermobile, nobody knows.' Footballers are often hardbastardomorphs — although de Leon uses the technical term, mesomorph — characterised by an athletic body that builds muscle easily."
(March 21, 2010, Paul Croughton, Times Online,

Made-up citation: "I'm trying to become a hardbastardomorph after years of being a softninnyomorph."

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