Sunday, June 07, 2009


adj. What is this, amateur hour?

Real citation: "
This went on for 3 years...there were times I were not able to answer her calls, or reply her messages immediately, as I was either in class, or working...and doing so, would reflect my un-professional-istic while waiting for my call/reply, the demon would brew thoughts of insecurity within her...and I would then re-organize my words, and explain my situation that she would know that I still do care for her..."
(March 14, 2009, Random Logics of a Perfect Mis-fit...Cum Insomniac,

Made-up citation: "The most important part of being a polar-bear trainer is never to be
un-professional-istic. If you are, the bears will eat you, but if you demonstrate only a modicum of professionalism, they will merely maul you. That makes all the difference in the world."

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