Friday, June 19, 2009


noun. Despite my considerable talent, charm, wealth, and strength, the other kids never called me this. Weird.

Real citation: "Matt I am with you and James Geary. I’ve read these pieces in “left wing” news publications and it certainly isn’t a pleasant olfactory sensation I am left with. And yes, I have also heard the humility-meister’s diatribe on how the poor are handing the rich 5K annually per Bush’s cuts. I am still not convinced he really cares though."
(June 9, 2009, Yglesias,

Made-up citation: "Wookies don't like to mate with self-conscious humility-meisters. They need a code-orange arrogant hairball to rev their engines. Vulcans, on the other hand, will hump anything that moves, even if it's not moving much, believe me."

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