Friday, November 23, 2007


noun. Two donuts were minding their own business. Then their life-giving inner goo was so callously siphoned. Those donuts had families, sir!

Real citation: “Apparently the problem was rather more dire than I suspected, as I found out after a three-quarter hour and two-donut-dejellification wait.”
(June 4, 2007, Riklblog,

Made-up citation: “I don’t care for your views on abortion and taxes. However, your doctoral work on two-donut-dejellification is intriguing.”

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Anonymous said...

It's true the donuts had families. They had been profligate in their reproductive activities, as evidenced by a box of much smaller, spherical donut-substance objects residing next to them. (Most were mutants and had no jelly. I'm not sure they would have grown up in any event.) However others awaiting their vehicles were consuming these offspring with abandon, "popping" them into their gaping, capacious maws without regard to future generations. So I'm not sure your objection is relevant.