Tuesday, November 20, 2007


adj. Before the dawn of Jeebusitude, in a doomy time when all puppies had cancer and no one played reindeer games.

Real citation: “I turn to the physics analogy, (es ist wie immer...): a single particle in an empty universe (read: pre-jesusistic deity), has no other particle against which we might measure velocity, direction, or coordinate. Euclid says: "a point is that which has no part". We made god a man. We made ourselfishness god.”
(Aug. 28, 2007, Gorillamask Forums, http://forum.gorillamask.net/showthread.php?t=45290&page=14)

Made-up citation: “Pre-Jesusistic gods are the best. I’ll take Odin’s Swedish pancakes over Mother Theresa’s danish anyday.”

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