Sunday, November 18, 2007


noun. Like truthiness, but the slippery truth has been replaced with skanky family fun.

Real citation: “I just found out that Colin Farrell is in a movie of Home at the End of the World! I must have it! Okay, slight incestiness, but still! Such a gorgeous book - though I never got to finish it ;_; stupid library fines! *wants film*”
(June 10, 2007, Only Latin Can Save Mankind!,

Made-up citation: "Barfologists agree that incestiness is less gross than incest, yet grosser than your oozing cyst. That's not an oozing cyst? A thousand pardons."

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Michael Kline said...

Hi Mark,

I love reading through your blog. It gives me those "fresh" ideas that I so need each morning. You know, the ones that seem to appear out of nowhere? Keep up the good word!