Friday, November 09, 2007


noun. A stache of pooey proportions.

Real citation: “Picked up a green flannel shirt and some baggy kakhi dress pants from the thrift store. It looks so fucking ridiculous...And when I throw sneakers and a do rag into the mix, it's over...It's just over. I even grew out a crapstache and everything. I'll have pics before it's all said and done.”
(Oct. 27, 2006,

Made-up citation: "Most bearded men make fun of crapstaches, and many fembots sneer at fake boobs. Well, God doesn't care for other gods, so maybe hypocrisy is divinely inspired, like bingo and vampire-hunters."

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Anonymous said...

I assume this is related to the much more well-known "dirtstache", possibly deriving from (or the source of the titular character's last name in) the movie "Joe Dirt".

See also "pornstache".