Friday, February 10, 2006


adj. Pretty damn fantastic with two sides of diddly and a bow on top.

Related terms: bling-diddly-tastic, chocco-diddly-tastic, crap-diddly-tastic, fan-damn-diddly-tastic, pimp-diddly-tastic, plum-diddly-tastic, rad-diddly-tastic, ska-diddly-tastic, spam-diddly-tastic, spank-diddly-tastic.

Real citation: "Alaskan Thunderfuck--grown in the land of the Midnight Sun. Winner of the '96 Cannibus cup 1st prize. First bud that ever made me hallucinate. Not LSD hallucinate, more like really mellow Shrooms, fan-diddly-an-diddly-tastic."
(iluvstiflersmom, Dec. 21, 2004,,&hl=en)

Made-up citation: "Right now, I'm watching season two of The Shield--which, to put it mildly, is pretty fan-diddly-an-diddly-tastic. Of course, watching it before bed makes me sleep about as well as a snitch who betrayed Vic Mackey crossed with a hyperactive squirrel. But what can you do?"

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