Thursday, February 23, 2006


noun. An essence, mystical power, or animal-magnetismish quality that personally drives women into nunneries or lesbionic activities in droves.

Real citation: "Well, you turned her _into_ a nun, so it seems you have anti-kavorka."
(MikeWrite, June 19, 2002,

Made-up citation: "Though dating does feel like getting a drano enema most of the time, I'm not convinced I have anti-kavorka. Further research is needed."


Anonymous said...

My best friend has this mystical power we have discussed this at some lenghth,becase I seem to have the anti form of this phenomenon at least to some degree. Some times it is neutral and somtimes its negative from my own sabatoge with women. Little girls even flirt with my friend. He appears not to care or extreme self confidence or the appearance of wealth , what has any this to do with young female children that are drawn to him immedietly

Anonymous said...

We have a friend that is a kavorka.
He has an uncanny ability to attract both women and men to him.