Wednesday, February 22, 2006


noun. The love that can only bloom between George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin.

Related terms: Bennifer, Brangelina, Spuffy, TomKat, Vaunghistan.

Real citation: Bumiller: “Did President Bush misjudge Putin when he said he had looked into his eyes and seen his soul?” Never trust love at first sight. Rice says something that’s not really an answer and unfortunately doesn’t say if Bushtin (Putsh?) is still a couple or not.
(Ana Marie Cox, "Chatology: Digesting the Sunday Spew," Feb. 13, 2006, Wonkette,

Made-up citation: "Pootie-Poot and Commander Cuckoo-Bananas were caught canoodling in Kentucky--it's a Bushtin bonanza, live on CNN!"

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