Saturday, November 13, 2004


noun. Diminutive, cute loved one; sweetie; poopsie-woopsie; honey-bunny.

Related terms: schmoopie-poo, poopie-poo, honey-poo, sweety-poo, cutey-poo, wifey-poo, snacky-poo, poo-poo, Yorkie-poo.

Real citation: "Honey, not going on study abroad isn't the end of the world. I should know; I didn't. I wanted to too, believe me. I wanted to go to Scotland and see all of Britain, but I wound up not being able to because of graduation requirements/credits. But I still had an amazing junior year. I was worried about being alone, with all my friends all over the world, but instead I just went out and made new friends (including you!!). Save your money and take a trip later. That's what I'm doing; saving up for a trip to Ireland for my senior spring break. And Jay and I still love you, schmoopsie-poo!"
(kzoopunk, Livejournal, March 5, 2004,

Made-up citation: "I'll be your snuggle-bunny, and I'll be your cuddle-monkey, and I'll be your sex poodle, but I draw the line at being your schmoopsie-poo."

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Anonymous said...

Monsters, Inc.

I'll connect you.
Ms. Fearmonger is on vacation.
Would you like her voice mail?
Oh, Schmoopsie-poo.

Googley Bear!
Happy birthday.

Oh, Googley-woogley,
you remembered!

Hey, Sulley-wulley.
Oh, hey, Celia...