Thursday, November 04, 2004


noun. A would-be bumpkin; a wanna-be yokel; a poseur hillbilly; a quasi-redneck; a not-quite hayseed; a phony rube.

Real citation: “Bush's language has become a less important issue for his American critics, too. Not that they don't still regard him an ignorant bumpkin (or worse, a pseudo-bumpkin) who embarrasses the country, but now they're concerned that he's making America look bad in much more dangerous ways. That anger has nothing to do with the fact that Bush doesn't talk like Tony Blair -- or for that matter, that Tony Blair does.”
(Geoffrey Nunberg, “Special Effects,”

Made-up citation: "If a metrosexual and a pseudo-bumpkin fought a duel to the death, what deity would you pray to for a double homicide?"

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