Thursday, November 05, 2009


noun. A chicken-fight with your cousin may not qualify.

Real citation: "Additionally, I feel as if path-finding isn’t quite as good in this game as it had been in Men Of War. It’s exacerbated enormously by the problems with the boats, so much so that I went back and played the original to check. Of course it’s exactly the same engine, and so the same glitchiness is still there: men retracing their steps before actually setting off in the direction you’ve pointed them in. Nevertheless it does seem more prevalent in Red Tide. Perhaps that’s because of the boats, or because of the amount of focus on small unit action, where you’re focusing on the exploits of just a few men. The up-scale enormo-battles are here, but I they’re not quite as regular as in the original."
(Nov. 3, 2009, Jim Rossignol, Rock, Paper, Shotgun,

Made-up citation: "Is America prepared for the coming enormo-battle with the smurfs? I hope so. Those blue bastards aren't afraid to pee on your carpet. Or did you do that again, sis? I hate my life."

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