Sunday, May 31, 2009


adj. Such innocent times, when puppies frolicked and no killer robots ran amuck. Alas!

Real citation: "I was surprised to see that the strip club the Tighs were at pre-Cylonpocalypse was full of women gyrating around stripper poles, and no men. Are we supposed to think that suddenly once on Galactica, gender dynamics changed? Or was it just a throwaway stereotypical signifier of a 'dissolute' society?"
(March 24, 2009, Hoyden About Town,

Made-up citation: "My sex life was better pre-Cylonpocalypse. Something about the obliteration of 99% of humanity really harshed my mellow, and there's not enough Barry White in the galaxy to make it better."

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Podblack said...

I think you could very easily apply that word to the lyrics of the Jonathan Coulter song 'The Future Soon':