Tuesday, May 12, 2009


noun. That's Mister Pinko-Atheist-in-Chief, thank you.

Real citation: "Most Presidents, including Ike, Nixon, Ford and Reagan, signed a proclamation and got back to work running the free world. W had a big morning interfaith get together with ministers, priests, rabbis, and Zoroasterian clergy, whatever they are called.
So, Slats is going back to the old way, and that makes him Pinko-Athiest-in-Chief for some folks. From the article…"
(May 6, 2009, Roger Grey, Wake-up Call, http://www.rogergrayblog.com/2009/05/06/moonies-smear-obama-on-prayer-day-uh-arent-you-supposed-to-be-praying-for-the-guy/)

Made-up citation: "In this country, anyone can grow up to be the Pinko-Atheist-in-Chief, a bounty hunter, or the creator of a new and horrifying film genre, like mooseploitation. That's what makes America America. Suck on that, rest of the world."

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