Wednesday, February 27, 2008


adj. A golden era we shall not see again.

Real citation: "The loss of the world's ice bergs aside, some of the latest catastrophic predictions from the IPCC include massive increases in 'flooding, drought, wildfire, insects, ocean acidification,' and, 'Many millions more people are projected to be flooded every year due to sea-level rise by the 2080s.' It's important to note that the United States, China, Russia and the Saudis lobbied to change the language in that sentence. The original pre-doofus-lobbying language: 'hundreds of millions of people,' according to the New York Times."
(April 9, 2007, The Huffington Post,

Made-up citation: "My pre-doofus-lobbying life was full of quiet dignity. Now, doofi abound."

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