Friday, February 15, 2008


noun. Christmas came early for the doomistical among us. Mommy, can I have one too? I mean, may I have the doowhacker of death…

Related terms: crapamajig, foozamabob, socio-psycho-whatsit, thingahoosits, whatchamacrap.

Real citation: “’Time to unleash my Devasting-Thing-of-Enemy-Doomamajig!’ ‘I'm going I'm going!’ ‘Boy those guys are sure in for a surprise when I defeat them with my Spiralling-Doom-Sword-of-Gnomish-Designamathing!’”
(World of Warcraft,;jsessionid=685E94961F458DF5EFED763F2D76A7EF?topicId=11932070&postId=322171945&sid=1)

Made-up citation: “In the 22nd century, doomamajigs will be like Pez dispensers. Everyone will be able to blow up a building or moon with a portable, affordable, plastic thingy that looks like Princess Leia.”

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