Sunday, August 26, 2007


adj. Like squishy, but with less squish and more totalitarianism.

Real citation: “Congressman McNuggets was acting as House Speaker Pro Tem, which is a fancy word for 'Dude Who Sits In As Head-Gavel-Banger-In-Charge While House Speaker Nancy 'The Burger King' Pelosi Gets Botox Injections Or Whatever.' After the, ahem, "mistake," GOP members began groaning and cawing like Lindsey Lohan at a beer and dildo festival. Then, to make matters even more totalitariany, Maryland Representative Spanky Hoyer then called for a 'motion to reconsider' (meaning 'let's all change our votes so we win for real!') after the vote had already been closed, counted, come out in favor of the Republicans but entirely ignored by Democrats as if they were Vladimir Illyich Lenin in 1917 Soviet Russia without the pointy beards and Vodka breath.”
(New Jerks,

Made-up citation: "As a dog person, I am delighted to see Michael Vick go down in flames, and that dude is lucky he's not living in a totalitariany regime headed by myself and a squadron of henchgoons."

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