Wednesday, August 15, 2007


noun. Man-lust of a damp, annoying sort.

Real citation: “I have an insane amount of scanning to do. Expect much annoying-gushy-man-molestiness on my part, I'm on a huge Bohra Naono kick at the moment and smut makes me happy. Bweeheehee. Ugh, I just did that out loud. Thank god my roommates aren't home.” (April 27, 2006, SheezyArt,

Made-up citation: "On Rescue Me--a show that gets offensive, preposterous, and semi-lame in season three--Tommy Gavin leaves every woman he encounters in a quivering pile of annoying-gushy-man-molestiness. I’m glad to be a guy, but I’m triple-glad I’m not a non-guy on that show."

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