Wednesday, May 30, 2007


noun. The inverse of a breathwad (a much rarer, more confusing entity).

Real citation: “you sir are a ungratefull slug. do you know why ur sister wansts to do this? its not that she loves your parents more than you wadhead. its casue when she kisses her son she now understands what her parents meant for her and you. Its her son that makes her relize how priceless your parents are. BBYou cheap bastard by your vocabulary i know ur not some bum so you do have the money or at least a way of getting it. ITS NOT ABOUT U WADBREATH but when ur bury your parents then it will hit home what a masterpeice of a son you WERE NOT! you will spend tenfold on the therapy alone to try to come to terms with the guilt you will earn for being a cheap bastard. Have a nice day cool blog tho :)”
(Sept. 10, 2006,

Made-up citation: "I have a dog, so I loathe bikers on the sidewalk. I dream of yelling at them, 'What the matter, wadbreath? Is the street too scary?'"

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