Tuesday, May 29, 2007


adj. Describes a sad state endured by women, many dogs, most men, and some cars (that lack bumper nuts).

Real citation: "Our spy in the JMCS camp continues to keep us abreast of scandalous goings-on in clubland. This time it transpires that at the most recent SMC annual dinner, the honoured guest from the junior club was - you've guessed it - of the non-betesticled variety."
(The Angry Corrie, No. 5, Jan/Feb. 1992, http://bubl.ac.uk/org/tacit/TAC/tac05/thisland.htm)

Made-up citation: "My non-betesticled dog isn't non-hump-happy; he's joined in 6 three-way humps and 471 traditional pairings in just the last month."