Thursday, September 30, 2004

Savage word love

I read Dan Savage's columns and books to learn stuff about sex, adoption, and happiness. This week, I learned a groovy word from Savage: "kakistocracy."

It means "a society governed by its worst citizens," which applies particularly well to this society and pretty-schmucking-well to every other society I can think of. "Kakistocracy" also brings to mind soundalikes I just made up like "khaki-ocracy" and "caca-ocracy"--societies governed by khaki-wearers and fecal matter respectively.

"-ocracy" has spawned a bunch of words not involving shit, pants, or bad citizens, including these I just found on Google:

  • dog-ocracy
  • judge-ocracy
  • weasel-ocracy
  • media-ocracy
  • she-ocracy
  • me-ocracy
  • beer-ocracy
  • diablo-ocracy
  • luck-ocracy
  • button-ocracy
  • geek-ocracy
  • mob-ocracy
  • mullah-ocracy
  • appoint-ocracy
  • Ronald-ocracy
  • porn-ocracy
  • opinion-poll-ocracy
  • dim-ocracy
  • dumb-ocracy
  • damn-ocracy

Personally, I'd rather live in a canoli-ocracy or a Jamaican-jerk-chicken-wing-ocracy. Or maybe a penguin-ocracy--just because they're cute.


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