Monday, September 13, 2004

Going ape-doo-doo

Today's word of the day is possibly my favorite word of them all: "ape-poopy."

Like "D'oh," "embiggen," "cromulent," "yoink," and "tomacco," this word was invented by The Simpsons writers. In the episode "They Saved Lisa's Brain," Principal Seymour Skinner says, "We have some new rules and regulations you're just going to go ape-poopy over."

Much like Marge's substitution of "whup-tushie" for "whup-ass," this euphemism is barely euphemistic. A soul more sensible than Skinner would have just said "nuts," "bananas," "bonkers," or some other synonym for crazy--using "ape-poopy" to avoid "apeshit" is (kinda) like using "dumbass" to avoid "asswipe." "Ape-poopy" is a magnificent potshot at how dumb some people become when speaking to children. Plus, I just love the word.

"Apeshit" is fun and useful enough on its own--and I have a soft spot for the increasingly popular word "batshit" as well--but "ape-poopy"...I just like it. Unlike Madonna, I don't know if I can properly justify my love. Did I mention that I love this word?

I would like to spread "ape-poopy" like a VD, which sounds kind of gross. Won't you, kind readers, see fit to use "ape-poopy" in your blogs, interoffice memos, weekly newsletters, and bathroom scribblings? You can use it with your children, pets, and neighbors. Today's awkward moment could be tomorrow's OED entry!

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