Sunday, September 19, 2004

The poop on the Moops

They say those who forget their history are doomed to make jokes about it, and I can live with that. Few of our brave ancestors have been so forgotten, neglected, and completely invented as the Moops--in their honor, "Moops" is the word of the day.

Seinfeld added hundreds of terms to the language, including "pre-emptive breakup," "low talker," "mimbo," "atomic wedgie," "Denogginizer," "schmoopie," and "conjugal-visit sex." "Moops" was coined for an episode that featured a Trivial Pursuit game/hissyfit between George Costanza and the not-very-cuddly Bubble Boy. Logic--and the foul-mouthed Bubble Boy--insisted that the answer to "Who invaded Spain in the 8th century?" must be the Moors, but a typo and Mr. Cant-stand-ya insisted that the Spain-invaders were truly the Moops. The rest was comedy history.

Or was it? Are the once-proud Moops destined to remain forgotten and hilarious? I'm no historian. Hell, last Wednesday I went to work with one sneaker and one shoe on--I seem to have forgotten that matching is somewhat recommended in the footwear department--so I hardly feel qualified to make any claims about the 8th century. I'm also plotzed by the recent revelation that a friend of a friend really, truly, sincerely believes in leprechauns and swears she saw one in a barn.

So I'm open-minded. Maybe, just maybe, the Moops and the leprechauns formed a cute, diminutive, pot-of-gold-funded military-industrial juggernaut that steamrolled Spain and half of Asgard, leaving frightened, quivering Spaniards, empty Guinness bottles, and mucho Moop poop behind in their terrifying wake.


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Anonymous said...

I can obviously see you have a dislike for the comical geneous show of seinfeld. No one said the moops would be forgotten, but don't take your lack of humor out one one the best shows of all time.