Wednesday, September 22, 2010


adj. Warning: May involve hype.

Real citation: "Blowing through the other 20 teams: I have the over-over-over-overhyped Ravens (just as shaky a defense as New England, not as good an offense), Cowboys (we'll tackle them later) and Texans (the NFL's Tom Cavanagh in that everyone likes them, but they can't seem to find a hit show) as overvalued; the Panthers, Lions and Raiders as undervalued; the Rams, Bills, Broncos, Seahawks, Bucs and Bears as the league's doormats; and the Jags, Titans, Chiefs and Browns treading water. So I'm wagering accordingly."
(Sept. 9, 2010, Bill Simmons,,

Made-up citation: "I feel wearing pants is over-over-over-hyped. My people need to breathe the sweet air of freedom, and by 'my people' I mean my balls."

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