Friday, January 02, 2009


noun. A surgical procedure that removes one of the body's several hootchie-whatsits.

Real citation: "Dig the spikes! I wonder if he gets a spleen-ectomy (or who-knows-what-ectomy) if he goes over the bars? Jeez, perish the thought. But spikes like that you gotta wonder. Also spikes on the axle covers and a ton of custom metal all over. I think it started as a road king."
(Jan. 1, 2009, Cartoon Thunder Production Journal,

Made-up citation: "As a doctor of philosophy, I am authorized to perform close readings of difficult literature, full-body exorcisms of lonely seafarers, academic presentations on Foucauldian paradigms, and--in an emergency--a who-knows-what-ectomy on a graduate student of my choosing."


Anonymous said...

LOL...isn't it "hoosie-whats-its" versus hootchie-whatsits?

Rob Campbell said...

It's a lot like that, but much more scientific and medical. I should know--I wrote it.

How did I wind up cited so honorably in this delightful digicon (digital + lexicon) in the first place?

Mark Peters said...

One of my many Google searches must've led me to you... Great word!

Rob Campbell said...

Well thanks! You really shouldn't encourge me, however, as I'll just keep trying to out-lexify myself, not unlike that kid the teacher keeps trying to ignore but can't because he's back there screaming,"Ohohohohoh! Mista Kottah, Mista Kottah!). I shall, however, ceasisigy (cease+desist).

Except, oops, I did it again (a Speareserism, that) in a blog entry on cross-bloglinkimotion. I'll try to curb my lexicreationism, however, in the future.